TEA Time in Krakow

March 22, 2022

Cask Beer in Poland

By far the most popular beers in Poland are their light lagers like Żywiec, Okocim, and Tyskie. All really enjoyable beers and I have ordered my fair share. Imagine my delight to find a microbrewery in the heart of Krakow that produces only my favorite style of beer. TEA Time produces only cask beers and most of them are top shelf!

Cask Hazy NE IPA

Yep, New England Hazy Indian Pale Cask Ales exist and they are fantastic. Anaconda, of the aforementioned style is especially good and has become one my favorite beers on the planet. Want a darker cask beer, maybe Black Prince, a wonderful English Porter. I could go on but the point is, if your only experience with cask beers was some “cask-style”, something-that-tastes-like-not-beer, seek out some real cask beer producers in your area. Be suspicious of anyone selling cask beer where the server doesn’t have to pump the beer out of the tap. I know it’s possible to have cask beers from a keg, but why?


If you happen to be visiting Krakow, hit me up and the first round is on me!