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Michael Kumm's Personal Blog

Michael Kumm's Personal Blog

Myślę, że (I think…)

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First Hops With RabbitMQ
·1260 words·6 mins
Dev Rabbitmq Elixir Node Docker
Just starting with RabbitMQ? This introductory guide will walk you through setting up a local RabbitMQ sandbox. Then we will use RabbitMQ to send messages from Elixir to Node.
Canonical Urls on
·722 words·4 mins Dev Blog Docker
How to configure your static site to use your canonical url - dropping the www and redirecting traffic to your apex domain name on
Up and Running With Hugo
·2708 words·13 mins
Go Dev Blog Hugo Blowfish
A straightforward ‘up and running’ guide for hosting a static site using Hugo, Blowfish, and designed for individuals with basic technical skills.
Spicy Sausage and Rice
·293 words·2 mins
Recipe Food
Recipe: A great dish for experimenting, try changing both the sausage type and spice level for endless variety. The original version of this recipe is from watching Gordon Ramsay prepare this dish on YouTube.