I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at and introduce yourself. If you happen to live in Krakow, speak a little english, and like beer, we should be friends!

I don't do facebook, but I really enjoy twitter and you can follow me at @mkumm. I also have a profile on LinkedIn but I post very little.

Me in under 30 seconds

  • Grew up in the Detroit and now I am expat in Poland.
  • Father of one child.
  • I have made money in sales, operations management, web development, IT leadership, executive management. Writing code is my favorite way of spending my days.
  • Bike riding around Poland is my favorite outdoor activity.
  • I love trying new beers and coffees and really enjoy cooking and baking.
  • I definitely prefer reading over watching television/movies.
  • I am fine with long stretches of isolation (and sometimes need to seek them out).