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About Michael Kumm

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I was born in a suburb of Detroit and I am now living in Krakow, Poland. I work as an Elixir Developer for Simplebet. I have family, friends, and a house in the Detroit area so I travel back often.

Current Work

Working at Simplebet lets me work in Elixir for a company that supplies data to sports books; two things I really love! I work with an amazingly supportive team with some of the brightest in the Elixir community. We work mainly in Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView, and Surface.

Previous Work

My professional career has followed two simultaneous paths. One in technology and the other in business management and leadership and sometimes overlapping.

Professionally I have been lucky enough to develop in C, PHP, Python, and Elixir. These days I play around in Lua, Rust, OCaml, Go, (maybe soon Gleam), and others as well as the technologies supporting the current wave of AI soup.

In the past I have had several leadership roles with titles like CTO, Operations Management, IT Director, Development Manager. I really enjoyed those roles at the “problem solving and strategy” level.

Hobbies and Interests


I am a (very) amateur photographer. I share some of my photos on Instagram (@mkumm) and (@mkumm) and all the photos on this site were taken by me. My main camera is my wonderfully portable Nikon z50. I know it falls in the “non-professional” category of photo hardware, but I am, well a non-professional.

Music Creation

I played violin through my first year of college and then just stopped. I did nothing with music for about 30 years and then I started playing around with Ableton. I have been experimenting with music composition as I find time, here is a short sample of my latest - One of the Birds

Listen to One of the Birds:
Download audio

Software Development

I grew up near the dawn of personal computers. Although I took BASIC classes in high school and Pascal and Fortran in college, I didn’t really start developing at scale until I finally had my own personal computer, around 1995. I am very fortunate now that I get to develop software during work hours and then go deep into compilers (or whatever other topic I am interested in at the time) during my non-work hours. I just don’t get tired of development.


I love reading!

Fiction, non-fiction, technical books, whatever. At least 90% of my news comes from reading The Economist.

Craft Beers

I love tasting craft beers even if my tolerance for drinking is dropping with age. I am not above taking a long trip primarily to taste some new (or old) regional beers.


I love brewing coffee (maybe even more than drinking it) and I always seek out the best local roasters (there are some great ones in Krakow).

Polish Language

I continue to struggle to learn Polish, but I take weekly lessons and study most days of the week with my Polish-speaking partner.


I really enjoy cooking and end up cooking the vast majority of meals we eat. I will be sharing some of my favorite go-to recipes here.


I have been traveling a little less lately. We have some bigger trips planned later this year to some places that I have been meaning to visit but haven’t yet. Most places in Europe are pretty accessible and we sometimes see incredible deals like $25 round trip airfare tickets to Norway!


I have just started playing chess again. I don’t win a lot, but I do enjoy the game.


The following are my current tools of choice to support my work and hobbies.


  • MacBook Pro M1 16-inch (work) My work supplied laptop.
  • MacBook Pro M1 16-inch (personal) My dedicated personal laptop.
  • MacBook Air M3 13-inch I LOVE the sive, battery and power of this thing. The perfect companion for remote work and travel.
  • Philips 27-inch PHL 276E8V A super affordable second display.
  • Benq ScreenBar One of the my best purchases. Not only providing spot lighting only where I want it, it also somehow helps reduce my eye strain.
  • iPhone 13 ProMax More than 2 years old and still works great for my purposes.
  • Nikkon z50 a really great camera body for walking around all day and taking photos. I have 2 lenses, the Nikkor DX 16-50 3.5-6.3 and the Nikkor DX 24/1.7

Development Software

  • Zed - My all day text editor.
  • LunarVim - An opinionated and loaded version of NVIM.
  • Warp - My terminal of choice at the moment. I am experimenting with it, it feel like it might be trying to do too much though.
  • Adobe Products - I know they are expensive, but they have been my graphics/layout workhorse for decades. It takes time to switch. I am trying the Affinity lineup though.
  • X-Scope - A great companion for front-end web development
  • Postico - My PostgreSQL helper.
  • Docker Desktop - A necessary tool these days for development.
  • Fantastical - My calendar of choice, and you also get CardHop with your subscription.
  • Ableton - I only know about 2% of this application and it is still a blast to create music.
  • Rogue Amoeba - All of my other digital sound tools.
  • Things - I have been obsessed with task management for decades. Things has really nailed it.